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The Queen
















Imagine a statue

celebrating  the

“Queen of Soul”

Who is the best artist to

sculpt this statue?











Dr. Ronald McDowell
















Aretha Franklin 4.jpg
Ronald Leaning on Statue.jpg
Eddie Kendricks Gold Trim.jpg
Eddie Kendricks Gold Trim 2_edited.jpg
Eddie Kendricks Gold Trim 4.jpg

Dr. Ronald McDowell has sculpted numerous statues of icons

who are sacred to their communities

Statues of Eddie Kendricks flanked

by The Temptations anchor

a downtown park in the City of Birmingham

Ron painting Michael.jpg
Portrait 5_edited.jpg
Diana in Color_edited_edited.jpeg

Dr. Ronald McDowell

Sculptor & Painter

Painted Horse 1.JPG
Mural 3.jpg
Warrior Princess.jpg
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